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ebullition n : an unrestrained expression of emotion [syn: effusion, gush, outburst, blowup]

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  1. the act of boiling
  2. a sudden emotional outburst

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Ebullition Records is an independent record label and distro based out of Goleta, California. It published HeartattaCk, a 'zine focusing on independent punk and hardcore from around the world which is informed by an anti-consumerist and D.I.Y. ideology.


In early 1990, former Maximum RocknRoll columnist Kent McClard started Ebullition Records with contributions from Sonia Skindrud (writer of Exedra 'zine) and Brent Stephens (member of Downcast). Skindrud came up with the name, and Stephens drew the logo, however the label is primarily run by McClard.
Los Angeles metalcore band Inside Out was meant to record an LP as the first Ebullition release. However, Revelation Records asked them to release a 7" instead, and the band chose the more established label. The record wasn't released for another year, after the band had broken up and reformed as Rage Against The Machine
Incidentally, Inside Out did plan to do a second record called "Rage Against the Machine", which was a phrase Kent coined in some writings he did for the 'zine No Answers #9. They never managed to finish this second release and singer Zack de La Rocha ended up using the phrase for the title of his next band.
Ebullition's first release came out in late 1990. Kent had been doing No Answers 'zine since 1983 and the ninth issue came with the Downcast 7" (Ebullition #1). Ebullition released 3,000 copies of No Answers #9 with the Downcast 7" and after those were sold the 'zine and 7" became separate products.

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